Established in 2003, Rogue Spirits creates award winning multi-ingredient small batch spirits, artisan distilled in traditional hand-crafted copper pot stills. No chemicals, additives or preservatives are used.

Rogue Ales Brewmaster, John Maier in Newport, Oregon with ocean-aged, mashed and distilled Dead Guy Whiskey.

Courtesy Oregon Cultural Trust

Courtesy Oregon Cultural Trust

Want to contact us?  E-mail Joe @ joerogue@rogue.com.

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  1. I purchased some Rogue rum last week, and really like it. Travelportland.com indicates that you have distillery tours daily at 5:00 p.m. I will be in Portland this weekend and would like to visit, if it is possible. Are tours and/or visits possible and, if so, what is your location?

    • Dear Jay,

      The Rogue Distillery in Portland’s Pearl District has tours daily. But the exact time may change depending on the distiller’s schedule. We suggest calling 503-222-5910 to get more information before you show up. The Distillery is located inside the Rogue Ales Public House at 1339 NW Flanders.

      Rogue Spirits

  2. I hear there is a John Wilcox At rogue these day things are really going to get good at Rogue ,but I miss his art here in SC

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