Harvesting Leads to Distilling

From the fields of Rogue Farms come two unique distilled spirits: Oregon Rye Whiskey and Oregon Single Malt Whiskey.

barleyharvest combine image

Combines harvested 200 acres of barley at Rogue Farms.

In 2011 we started the harrowing journey of growing our own Dream™ Rye on Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon. After several years of fighting floods and slug infestations, we eventually moved our our rye crop out to our grain farm in Tygh Valley, Oregon. Even after the toil and tears and slugs, we’ve had enough successful rye harvests to create Rogue Oregon Rye Whiskey, our straight rye whiskey that’s been barrel-aged for a minimum of two years. At the end of August we will be harvesting Dream™ Rye at our Tygh Valley Farm for the first time–a momentous achievement and another step in our continuing journey to craft, distill and age World Class Spirits.

Our true, two-year old Oregon Single Malt Whiskey was finally unveiled, bottled, and released to the masses this year as well, using grains grown and malted on our Tygh Valley grain farm.

Eric Hyatt Floor Malting 04.png

Each batch has been floor-malted by hand.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on our Single Malt Whiskey, you’ll know that this is Rogue’s first effort at crafting a spirit using 100% Rogue grown ingredients. By distilling our Risk™ 2-row barley in a wash created by Brewmaster John Maier himself to create the whiskey, then aging it for 2 years in Oregon Oak Barrels we coopered ourselves at Rolling Thunder Barrel Works, we’ve created a sweet malted whiskey with citrus and ripe fruit tones, with a smoked oak butterscotch finish.

We’ve learned that farming is challenging and making great whiskey takes patience, but both are worth the effort when you taste the finished product. This year’s harvest in Tygh Valley has yielded some great results, and with a little time and patience, will continue to provide the ingredients for some great whiskeys for years to come.


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