Drink To IPA May With Rogue Spirits

This is IPA May at Rogue, a 31-day celebration of America’s favorite style of craft beer.

We don’t see why spirits lovers should be left out. Today we’re sharing two cocktails that pair Rogue Spirits with some awesome IPAs.

Hop Fresh: Oregon Single Malt Vodka, 6 Hop IPA and Citrus Cucumber Soda

6 Hop IPA from Rogue Ales is brewed with six of the hops grown at Rogue Farms. It’s an IPA with a big, beautiful bite that blends amazingly well with our smooth and sweet Single Malt Vodka and the refreshing taste of Rogue’s Citrus Cucumber Soda.

Hop Fresh Cocktail

Directions: Muddle grapes and mint leaves in empty shaker. Add Vodka and lemon juice to shaker with ice, and shake. Strain into highball glass with ice. Top with 6 Hop IPA and Citrus Cucumber Soda.Garnish with mint leaf.

Spruce Goose: Spruce Gin and 7 Hop IPA

7 Hop IPA takes the Rogue family of IPAs to the next level, with seven of the hops grown at Rogue Farms. This is a bold, but balanced IPA that matches wonderfully with the spruce aromas and citrusy flavors of our Spruce Gin. The Spruce Goose Cocktail is a Rogue Spirits classic.

Spruce Goose

Directions: Shake Spruce Gin, juice and simple syrup with ice. Pour into glass, top off with 7 Hop IPA and slightly stir. Add sprig of mint and grapefruit wedge for garnish.

To see what other craft beer and spirits fans are drinking for IPA May, check out the #ipamay tag on Instagram and on Untappd.

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