Rogue Spirits New Whiskey Is Worth The Wait

Thank you for your patience.

More than two years ago we set aside a batch of our Oregon Single Malt Whiskey, poured it into oak barrels and placed them in special area of our ocean aging room at the Rogue Distillery in Newport, Oregon. Then we waited…

Distillery Details03

The ocean aging room for our barrels at the Rogue Distillery in Newport, Oregon.

This was the beginning of a new Dare, Risk, Dream journey for Rogue Spirits. Our first effort to craft a straight whiskey, barrel aged for a minimum of two years.

We knew we had the right ingredients, a single malt spirit made with the Risk™ 2-row barley we grew and floor malted ourselves at Rogue Farms in Tygh Valley, Oregon.


The Risk ™ malting barley harvest at Rogue Farms in 2015.

Eric Hyatt Floor Malting 03

The malting floor at the Rogue Farmstead Malt House.

Our wash was created by none other than Rogue’s legendary Brewmaster John Maier.

John Brewing Fresh Hop 4 WWHOH Aug 2014

A man who needs no introduction.

But the most important part of whiskey making is the aging process. Whiskey gets all of its color and two-thirds of its flavor as it ages in oak barrels.

We believed we had that right, too. Our hometown of Newport, Oregon sits along the Pacific Ocean. A moderate climate with gentle changes in temperature and humidity. The barrels in our ocean aging room breathe slowly and the whiskey matures at a leisurely pace. This is the kind of terroir that’s worked so well over the centuries for Scottish distillers, so why not in Newport?

As we approached the end of the two-year aging period the anticipation was killing us. You really never know how a whiskey is going to taste until you’ve poured that first official sample. For that honor we turned to our Spirits Wizard Jake Holshue. This project began long before Jake came on board, so his reputation wasn’t at stake. We knew we could trust Jake to give us his no bull, honest opinion of our first batch of straight Oregon Single Malt Whiskey.

Jake-Smelling Proofing-15

Jake’s best sampling technology is usually his nose.

Here’s what he said.

  • Appearance – A deep, burnished, copper color.
  • Aroma – A delicate aroma of honey on the nose gives way to tones of dried fruit, oak, hay, and hints of smoke.
  • Taste – Begins with a sweet malted barley, honey and butterscotch flavor, with a bit of citrus and ripe fruit, finishing with a balanced smoked oak undertone.
  • Mouthfeel – Medium light mouthfeel, slightly dry tannic finish.
  • Final thoughts – WOW! I think we might be on to something here…

Tasting Notes

Two years, four months and 13 days since we set aside that special batch, Rogue Spirits is pleased to announce the release of straight Oregon Single Malt Whiskey. Crafted with the same all-Oregon ingredients as our classic Single Malt, ocean aged for at least two years in the rich, salty air of our hometown of Newport, Oregon. Bottled by hand with new designs we created to honor the malt and terroir.


Taste the difference it makes when straight whiskey is crafted with barley we grew, floor malted and roasted ourselves, then ocean aged for two years. Open a bottle and join us in the Rogue Spirits Revolution!

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