From Nut To Bottle, How We Craft Our Hazelnut Spice Rum

When we opened Oregon’s first rum distillery in 2003, we wanted to create something different, a spirit that reflected the unique terroir of our home state. Led by that dream, we crafted our first batch of Rogue Spirits Hazelnut Spice Rum.

Few crops are uniquely Oregon as the hazelnut. Virtually all of the hazelnuts grown in the US come from the Willamette Valley. The same soil and climate that make this one of the best hop growing regions in the world also make it ideal hazelnut territory.

So in honor of Hazelnut Appreciation Month, we’re going to show how we craft our rum, from nut to bottle.

Pollination and Pruning

Photo Jan 18, 11 12 58 AM

Pruning season at Kirk Family Filberts.

Mother Nature kicks things off in January with the pollination season. Hazelnut trees are unusual because they produce both male and female flowers. Pollen is spread from one tree to the other by the wind.

This is also the time of year when growers prune their trees. They want to open up as many branches as possible because, just like hops, hazelnut trees crave sunshine.

Budding, Filling, Ripening

Hazelnuts_24 Close Up June 2014

Small, green nuts appear in late spring.


They grow and ripen during summer and are ready for harvest in early fall.

After pollination, not much happens in a hazelnut orchard. Months go by before the first green nuts appear in late spring. It’s as if the trees need time to think about what’s next. Sounds weird, we know. But this is Oregon.


Lance Kirk samples a hazelnut during harvest.

Meet Our Growers And Neighbors, Kirk Family Filberts

To find the hazelnuts we use in our rum, we only have to walk next door to our neighbors, Kirk Family Filberts. The Kirks have a 98-acre orchard where they grow the finest nuts possible. But the connection between Rogue Farms and the Kirks is much deeper than that.

For decades, the Kirks managed the hopyard here at Rogue Farms when it belonged to a previous owner. Lance, who runs the family orchard, grew up in our farmhouse and remembers playing in the hop rows as a kid.

Eventually the Kirks decided to go into business for themselves and began growing hazelnuts. Luckily for us they didn’t go far


Hazelnuts Sept 2014 DSC_0020

Nuts fall from the trees when they’re fully ripe and ready for picking.


When enough nuts have fallen, the harvest begins.

When it comes to harvesting hazelnuts, Mother Nature is in charge. The nuts don’t fall from the trees until they’re fully ripe, and even then it may take some strong winds to knock them loose. The Kirks hold off until about two-thirds of the crop has dropped before they sweep them off the orchard floor.

In some years they fall quickly, in other years it may take weeks. All the Kirks can do is wait.

Going Nuts At The Rogue Spirits Distillery

Hazelnut Rum Distilling6

Bags of hazelnuts at the Rogue Distillery in Newport, Oregon.

Once we’ve loaded the hazelnuts into the truck it’s a quick 77-mile drive from the orchard to the Rogue Distillery in Newport, Oregon. We roast the hazelnuts ourselves to bring out the nutty flavor and infuse them into the rum while they’re still warm.

Meanwhile, our head distiller Jake is fermenting and distilling a wash made from pure cane sugar.


Distilling wizard Jake Holshue works the controls as he distills Hazelnut Spice Rum.

Now comes the magic. We combine the fresh roasted nuts with a blend of nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, orange peel and ginger and place everything in the still for a second run. This is how we infuse the flavors of the nuts and spices into the rum.

Hazelnut Rum Distilling13

The fresh roasted nuts, along with spices, are poured into a bag and placed in the still.

And Finally…

Bottle and Nuts

It takes a nearly a year from the time a hazelnut tree is pollinated, to the day we bottle by hand our Hazelnut Spice Rum. Could we speed things up? Of course. All we’d have to do is eliminate hazelnuts from the recipe. But if we did that our rum wouldn’t have that unique, only grown in Oregon nutty flavor.

From nut to bottle, we think Rogue Spirits Hazelnut Spice Rum is worth the wait. Try some for yourself and taste the difference.

Spirits Lineup Logo Nov 2015

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