Spirits From Scratch, Bottled By Hand

Details matter.

Starting with the barley we grow and floor malt at Rogue Farms in Tygh Valley.

Malting Barley

Risk™ 2-row winter malting barley at Rogue Farms in Tygh Valley, Oregon.

Barley that’s roasted by a legendary Brewmaster.

John Malt Roast Still 11

Rogue Brewmaster John Maier sniffing freshly roasted malt – his version of quality control.

Ingredients we pick by hand.


Picking jalapeños for Chipotle Whiskey at Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon.

Roast by hand.

Hazelnut Rum Distilling5 copy

Hazelnuts grown by our neighbors in Independence, which we roast for Hazelnut Spice Rum.

And peel by hand.

Spruce Gin_Cucumber Peeling 01

Cucumbers for Spruce Gin.

All of which we distill in a handcrafted copper pot.

New Vendome Still3

And slowly age in the ocean air of our hometown of Newport, Oregon.

The Ocean Aging room at the Rogue Distillery.

The Ocean Aging room at the Rogue Distillery.

In Oregon Oak Barrels we cooper by hand.

Lining Staves

Assembling staves at Rolling Thunder Barrel Works.

So why would we accept anything less than bottling those spirits by hand?

Bottling Single Malt Vodka 06

Bottling Oregon Single Malt Vodka.

At Rogue Spirits we’re dedicated to handcrafted, artisan spirits we make from scratch and bottle by hand. Bring one home and join us in the GYO and DIY Revolution.

Spirits Lineup Logo Nov 2015

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