During Craft Beer Week, Celebrate With Booze

Pretty much everywhere you turn these days, craft beer fans are celebrating American Craft Beer Week.

So are we at Rogue Spirits, but not in the way you might think. We’re celebrating with our whiskey and vodka.

The connections between beer, whiskey and vodka are uncomplicated. They all begin as mash. Our mash is made in the Brewery by none other than legendary Brewmaster John Maier.

brewery john maier

John (right) watching over the production of a Rogue Spirits mash.

When John is done mashing, lautering and fermenting the wort, the liquid he crafted is known in the business as distillers beer.

It gets the full Rogue treatment as we drive it across the parking lot from the Brewery to the Distillery.

Rogue Mash Transit (2)

Now another John takes over. John Wilcox is Rogue Spirits’ Distillasaurus Rex, master of the copper still and vodka column.

Like a mad scientist conducting a giant pipe organ, John guides the beer through the distillation process. How many passes, when to remove the heads and tails, are just a few of the decisions John makes to find that sweet spot of the best flavor and quality he wants in the final spirit.

When he’s satisfied, he pours the spirit into one of our oak barrels to be ocean aged on the shores of Yaquina Bay.

John Wilcox filling a Rolling Thunder Barrel with Dead Guy Whiskey.

Rogue Spirits began with a simple idea. We were already making world-class beer, so why not go that extra step and craft our own world-class spirits? It’s another way to enjoy the flavors of the ingredients we grow at Rogue Farms, and the collective genius of our two Johns.

So this week we toast the American Craft Beer movement with our whiskey and vodka. Because behind every great spirit is a good beer.

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