Growing Our Own Barrels

This is what the start of a Revolution looks like.

John priming a new barrel with Dead Guy Whiskey.

That’s Rogue Spirits Distiller John Wilcox pouring Dead Guy Whiskey into an oak barrel. It’s the kind of thing you expect to see every day around here. But what makes it Revolutionary is the story behind the barrel.

We hand crafted it ourselves, right here in our hometown of Newport, Oregon using Oregon White Oak harvested just up the road in the Coast Range.


Nate at work in Rolling Thunder Barrel Works.

The other half of this Revolution is the guy who made the barrel, cooper Nate Lindquist. Nate studied the ancient art of coopering for a year before coming back to Newport and opening shop, better known as Rolling Thunder Barrel Works.

That barrel you saw John filling with Dead Guy Whiskey? It’s the first barrel crafted by Nate – Rolling Thunder Barrel #1.


Rogue Vice President of the Coopering Arts Nate Lindquist and Distillasaurus Rex John Wilcox share a moment of exhilaration, fellowship, and joy as they fill Rolling Thunder Barrel #2.

Why grow our own barrels? We wanted to know what would happen if our Oregon crafted beers and spirits, mashed and brewed with Oregon ingredients we grew ourselves, were aged in barrels we coopered with white oak from the same terroir as our farms, brewery and distillery.

Barrels 1 and 2 are the beginning of a whole series of Rolling Thunder aged products. The alchemy of charred wood, beers and spirits, will create unique flavors that you can’t get anywhere else. Join us in the new Rogue GYO and DIY Revolution here at the largest distillery cooperage west of Lynchburg, Tenn.

Rolling Thunder Logo in wood


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5 replies

  1. Like the marketing, like the concept.
    Had a few of the beers here in Ireland.
    Will have to reserve judgement on the whiskey until I taste it – but want to like it!

  2. The taste and quality is what counts!

    Rogue Spirits

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