A Dark And Stormy Cocktail

With winter just around the corner, life is about to get very exciting here at Yaquina Bay.

This is the season of big coastal storms, howling winds and pounding rain that appear to come out of nowhere.

People will come from hundreds of miles to experience winter’s fury.  At the Rogue House of Spirits, on the south shore of Yaquina Bay,  we watch the drama unfold every year with a view that is as dramatic as it is sheltered.


The “view” from the Rogue House of Spirits on Yaquina Bay.

The view is even more dramatic when the storms roll in during a high tide, creating massive waves that pound against the shore.

Crashing Waves Cape Arago Sea Grant edited web

The crash of a winter storm wave. Photo from Oregon Sea Grant.

Yaquina Bay Bridge Night

After the storm passes, the result is a beautiful erie glow over Yaquina Bay.

During storm season it’s no wonder that the most popular drink on nights like these, is the Dark and Stormy Cocktail.


2 oz Rogue Dark Rum
3 oz Ginger Beer
Splash of fresh Lime Juice

Fill glass with ice, add all ingredients, give it swirl.  Garnish with a lime wedge

Come join us at the Rogue House of Spirits and try one of our gins, rums, whiskeys and vodkas.  The view is great any time of year.




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