Barley Heading For Spirits

Cool weather and nice moisture is helping along our crop of malting barley at Rogue Farms in Tygh Valley.

The Dare™ barley we planted a few weeks back is only a few inches tall, about where you’d expect it to be this time of year. But Risk™ barley, our winter variety, is nearly full height and heading out.

Risk 3 May 2014

The wind shaking our Risk™ malting barley at Rogue Farms.

Here’s a close up look at barley heads. Squeeze them at this stage of growth and they’re empty. But starting in the next few weeks they’ll fill up with a milky substance that turns doughy, and then hardens as it ripens in the bright summer sun of the Tygh Valley Appellation.

Risk Barley Heads

As barley heads fill up they need lots of moisture. So more rain in the coming days will be useful.

That’s how Rogue Farms grows the kernels that we’ll floor malt and micro malt at the Farmstead Malt House, which we’ll smoke, roast and mash at the Brewery for Rogue Spirits.

The Rogue Distillery in Newport is open for tours seven days a week. Come see how we grow our spirits from seed to shot.

roguefarms we grow beer and spirits_web

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