The Rain Came, The Barley Loves It

By John Maier

In the journey from ground to glass, some rain now and then makes a big difference.

The fields in Tygh Valley, Oregon – where Rogue Farms grows malting barley for our spirits and beer – received an inch of rain last week. First significant amount of precipitation of the year.

The results are amazing. Pretty as a picture. Several pictures in fact.

Risk 6 June 2013 web

Starting with a close up of our Risk winter malting barley. Heads have formed and kernels at the milk stage. If you could bite into one, it would be a little bit squishy.

Risk June 2013_web crop

A broader view of one of the Risk fields.

Risk 2 June 2013_web

One of my favorite photos of the Risk malting barley with Mt. Hood in the background. The Rogue Barley Farm lies in Mt. Hood’s rain shadow. Because of that we get much less rain than Western Oregon, usually a good thing.

Irrigation Dare 3 June 2013_web

A field of Dare malting barley we planted this spring. Both varieties of malting barley are at a stage where water is particularly vital. Until last week’s rain, we were irrigating almost around the clock.

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