Pumpkin Spirits From The Ground Up

By John Maier

We just planted this year’s pumpkin crop at the Rogue Farms Hopyard. Six acres total. Three times more than last year.

What are we going to do with all them? More Pumpkin Patch Ale for starters. And we’re trying out recipes for a pumpkin spirits.

But first things first.

Here’s the pumpkin patch. Not much to look at right now. Just a big rectangle of dirt. This is how spirits made from real pumpkins looks like at the beginning.

DSC_0099 web

A couple of weeks from now we’ll have our first shoots.

Pumpkin Shoots 5.23.12 (26) web

We’ll get flowers by August. The Rogue Honeybees will love it.

Pumpkin Collage

And the flowers quickly turn into green fruit.

8.2.12 (29) web

As we get close to harvest, I’ll come out for an inspection. The more you know what you grow, the better the spirits. I don’t brew and distill with pumpkin flavoring or canned pumpkins. I only use the ones we grow at the Hopyard.

John with Pumpkins forweb

Ripe and ready.

Sugar Punkins 9.8.11 (5) web

A few hours after harvest, the pumpkins are in Newport where we chop them, roast them, and put them in the kettle. Fresh pumpkins, fresh roasted, fresh brewed. This is the only way to craft a  beer or distill a spirit with a genuine pumpkin taste. Can’t wait to get to work with them.

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