The Single Malt Path To Gold

By John Maier

Our Oregon Single Malt Whiskey won a gold medal at the 2013 International Review of Spirits. It’s a great award. The competition is excellent. The judges are tough as nails.

But that’s not the most interesting part of the story. It’s really about how we grow, ferment and distill Oregon Malt Whiskey from scratch.

Risk Barley In August

It starts here at the Rogue Barley Farm in Tygh Valley, Oregon. We grow 200 acres of Dare™ and Risk™ malting barley. The Risk™ barley we use to make Oregon Single Malt Whiskey is planted in the fall and harvested towards the end of the following summer.


After we harvest it, the Risk™ malting barley stays on the farm and goes over to the Farmstead Malt House. We floor malt and micro malt in small batches. That’s way we can touch it, see it, smell it every step along the way.

roaster 018 web

There’s more to be done. When the malt gets to the Rogue Brewery here in Newport we roast it in even smaller batches to bring out the flavor.

vendome still rogue spirits distillery newport oregon

I brew the wort using distiller’s yeast and when it’s ready we hand truck it across the parking lot to the Rogue House of Spirits. Oregon Single Malt Whiskey was distilled in our 500 gallon copper Vendome still.

Distillery Details15 web

Finally, Oregon Single Malt Whiskey is ocean aged in oak barrels and bottled by hand.

So that’s how we do it. Oregon Single Malt Whiskey is all Oregon and all Rogue every step of the way. I hope you like it as much we like growing, malting, roasting, fermenting, distilling and aging it.

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