Rye, Pumpkins And Their Spirits

By John Maier

An update from Rogue Farms about two of the ingredients we’re growing for ¬†Spirits this year.

Dream Rye 5.23.12 (48) web_edited-1

35 acres of Dream Rye down by the Willamette River.

The 35 acres of Dream Rye are lush, green and growing by leaps and bounds. But not tall enough to start heading.

We’re way ahead of where we were last year, thanks to moving the rye to a new field and planting in the fall.

We made Roguenbier Rye Ale last year from our Dream Rye, and this year some of the mash will be distilled into a spirit.

DSC_0099 web

10 acres of Dream Pumpkins ready for planting.

As for the Dream pumpkins, we’ll plant in early May, depending on the weather.

We moved the pumpkins into last year’s rye field. We’re expanding from two to ten acres, and crops had to be shuffled around to make room.

Pumpkin seed prices are high this year. $300 per acre if you can believe it.

Last year’s crop was brewed for Pumpkin Patch Ale. We’ll still do that, but I’m also trying out some pumpkin flavored spirits.

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