From The Farmstead Malt House

Eric Raking Grain Germinator Jan 2013web

Maltster Eric flipping the barley in the micro-malter.

Production of micro-malt and floor malt continued at a steady pace this week at the Rogue Farmstead Malt House in Tygh Valley, Oregon.

Eric steeped, flipped, kilned and bagged one batch (2000#) of pilsner micro-malt, and moved one batch (2000#) of pilsner floor malt into the kiln. Turn around time between batches has been reduced to five days.

For those of you who think a ton a barley sounds big, it’s only .00571 of a typical run at a commercial malt house. Besides, creating malt in small batches allows us to touch, smell and look at the barley every step along the way from ground to glass.

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  1. Could you add some pictures of what the kilning process looks like?


  1. Visit Rogue Farms and learn about Risk malting barley
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